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BSN Branches in Sarawak

The BSN in Sarawak is one of Malaysia’s premier financial services group with leadership positions in the retail banking commercial banking and investment banking sectors. With an established history and a track record of customer focus and innovation the BSN Group continues to serve its customers with a wide range of innovative products and services. With the new BSN Perumahan Rakyat Home Loan you can now qualify for a bigger loan amount with the Al Bai Bithaman Ajil Property Financing Scheme.

      Kuching Main Branch
Bangunan Hj A Rasit Lot 173-175
Jalan Muda Hashim
93400 Kuching

Tel: 082-244749
Fax: 082-246312
Bangunan Sultan Iskandar Branch
Tkt Bawah Bangunan Sultan Iskandar
Jalan Simpang 3
93399 Kuching

Tel: 082-428706
Bt.7 Jalan Penrissen Branch
Lot.1938 & 1939 Blok 233
Kuching North Land District
Cinmuk Commercial Centre
Kota Sentosa Bt.7 Penrissen Road
93250 Kuching

Tel: 082-625068
    Bau Branch
No 30 Lot 363 Bandar Bau
94000 Kuching

Tel: 082-763980
Bintulu Branch
No 27 Jalan Sommerville
97000 Bintulu

Tel: 086-336582
Bandar Sri Aman Branch
No 3 Lot 835 Jalan Sabu
95000 Bandar Sri Aman

Tel: 083-320920
    Bintangor Branch
No 28 Wharf Road Bintangor
96500 Sarawak

Tel: 084-692264
Betong Branch
No. 9 Tkt Bawah Lot 538 L.T.D.
95700 Betong

Tel: 083-472480
Kapit Branch
No. 29 New Bazaar
96800 Kapit

Tel: 084-797373
    Kanowit Branch
No. 56 Main Bazaar
96700 Kanowit

Tel: 084-752758
Kuching Sentral Islamic Banking Branch
Wisma Empire Lot 200
Section 24 Ktld
Jalan Khoo Hun Yeang
93000 Kuching

Tel: 082-4208 0852
Limbang Branch
Lot 1457 Jalan Buang Siol
98700 Limbang

Tel: 085-213634
    Lawas Branch
Lot 318 Tikt Bawah Lawas Town
District Jalan Sloating Trusan
98850 Lawas

Tel: 085-285990
Petra Jaya Branch
Lot No 5 Tkt Bwh  Jln Astana
Petra Jaya
93050 Kuching

Tel: 082-443498
Padungan Branch
No 325 Chan Bee Kiew Building
Jalan Padungan
93100 Kuching

Tel: 082-330675
    Marudi Branch
No 946 Lot 87 Marudi Town District
98050 Baram

Tel: 085-756242
Miri Branch
Lot 1145 & 1146 Miri Waterfront
Jalan Sri Dagang
98000 Miri

Tel: 085-415126
Fax: 085-424672
Mukah Branch
Tkt Bawah Blok 52 Lot 163
96400 Mukah

Tel: 084-872446
    Serian Branch
Ground Floor Sub Lot 10 & 11
Lot 373 Serian Town
94700 Serian

Tel: 082-874008
Song Branch
No. 38 New Commercial Centre Song
96850 Song

Tel: 084-777623
Sarikei Branch
No. 2 Sublot 2143-2144 Blok 36
Jalan Barrack
96100 Sarikei

Tel: 084-654352
    Sibu Branch
Tingkat Bawah Dan Tingkat Tiga
No 173b Lot 809 Jln Kg Nyabor
96000 Sibu

Tel: 084-318851
Siburan Branch
No 26 Siburan Bazaar 17th Mile
Kuching-Serian Road
94200 Kuching

Tel: 082-863699
Saratok Branch
Lot 544 Saratok Town District
95400 Saratok

Tel: 083-436843
    Tabuan Jaya Branch
No 902 Tkt Bawah Tabuan Jayat
Shopping Centre Tabuan Jaya
93350 Kuching

Tel: 082-369987

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