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RHB Bank Branches in Kelantan

The RHB Banking Group is currently the fourth largest fully integrated financial service group in Malaysia. RHB Bank have 3 branches in Kelantan and does offers refinance packages with lower interest rates and lower monthly installments, not only will you be able to save more, you will also have more money to do the things you have always wanted to do. Like buy a brand new car or even renovate your home. RHB My1 Home Loan is a highly flexible package. The loan can be tailored to suit your individual needs including bigger loan amount and flexible duration of repayment.

Lot PT 383 & PT 384 Kedai Ketereh,
Bandar Ketereh,
16450 Ketereh,

Tel: 09 - 788 6377 / 6376
Fax: 09 - 788 8721
Kota Bharu
Lot 1182-1183, Jalan Kebun Sultan,
Kota Bharu,
15350 Kelantan

Tel: 09 - 744 1776 / 1654
Fax: 09 - 748 1788
Pasir Mas
18A, Jalan Tengku Ahmad,
17000 Pasir Mas,

Tel: 09 - 790 9088 / 8066
Fax: 09 - 790 2292

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