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Standard Chartered Bank Penang Branch

Standard Chartered Penang Branch

The Standard Chartered Bank in Lebuh Pantai, Penang committed to offers an extensive range of commercial and personal financial services through its branches, subsidiaries and associate companies: commercial lending, investment banking, treasury services, trade services, cash management, home loans, credit cards and wealth management. With MortgageOne currently offers by Standard Chartered branch in Lebuh Pantai, Penang, your savings, current, home loan and deposits are all rolled into one account. By doing so, any deposits made into this account goes into reducing your loan outstanding. When the loan outstanding is lower, the interest paid on the loan is also lower. As each ringgit goes into repaying your loan rather than repaying interest, you can expect to trim off years on your mortgage period!


Standard Chartered Penang Branch Location Map

Penang Branch
2, Lebuh Pantai
10300 Penang

Phone: 604-650 3663 / 650 3655

Customer Service: 1300 888 888

Banking Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:15am - 3:45pm


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