Financial Glossary



Finance Charges - Charges imposed on outstanding balance after payment due date. For cash advance, finance charges are computed from the transaction date. For balance transfer programmes, the rate of interest charged on the balances transferred to the new card may differ from that imposed on purchases and cash advance for a specified period.

Financial Goals - This is what a person intends to do with his/her money within a certain period of time. Goal setting is crucial to help in planning of expenses and in spending wisely.

Financial Mediation Bureau - A company established under the Companies Act 1965 to act as mediator to settle disputes between financial service providers and their customers.

Financial Planning  - To organize your finances to meet your goals. The goals can include buying a house, financing your children’s education or planning for retirement through the proper management of your finances.

Financing Tenure - Number of years taken to fully pay the financing amount and profit margin as agreed under a specific payment programme.

Fixed Deposit - Money placed with banking institutions for a fixed tenure, e.g. 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months to earn interest.

Fixed Rate Loan - A term used to describe a loan, where interest charged is fixed throughout the tenure of the loan.

Fixed Term Charges - Total interest charged on the HP facility that is calculated as a fixed percentage on the amount financed over the duration of the facility.

Flat Rate - A term to describe interest that is charged as a fixed percentage of the loan amount throughout the tenure of the loan. The flat repayment amount is usually determined before the commencement of the repayment programme. For example, interest charged on a RM10,000 loan at a flat rate of 10% per annum is RM1,000 annually until the loan is fully settled.

Floating Rate Loan - A term used to describe a loan, where the interest charged fluctuates due to the rise and fall of a certain indicator such as the Base Lending Rate.

Foreclosure - Legal action available to the banking institution for recovering outstanding sums owed by a borrower who has defaulted on his/her loan. The property pledged by the borrower to secure the loan is sold and the proceeds of the sale used to settle the outstanding loan amount.

Foreign Currency - Currency notes and coins which are legal tender in any territory outside Malaysia, excluding the currencies of Israel and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro).

Fraudulent Transaction - A transaction unauthorized by the cardholder. Such transactions may occur as a consequence of credit cards that are lost, stolen, not received, issued on a fraudulent application, counterfeit or other fraudulent conditions as defined by the credit card issuer.


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