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Offer Period - The availability period for the housing loan package.

Option/Warrant - An instrument that gives the holder the right but not the obligation, to subscribe for a particular instrument, e.g. new ordinary shares, at a pre-determined exercise price within a stipulated validity time frame (exercise period). The warrant becomes worthless after the expiry of the exercise period.

Outstanding Financing - Remaining financing not yet paid, including profit margin and other charges.

Outstanding Loan - Remaining loan not yet paid, including interest and other charges.

Over-the-counter visit (OTC) - Banking transactions performed over the counter is treated as one OTC visit irrespective of the number of transactions performed

Overdraft - A type of credit facility granted to the eligible current account holder. The borrower is allowed to issue cheques exceeding the credit balance in the current account but subject to a certain pre-approved limit granted by the financial institution.

Overdraft Rate - The amount charged by banking institutions to borrowers for utilizing the overdraft facility, calculated based on daily outstanding balance.



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