Financial Glossary



Takaful - A protection plan based on the Shariah principles. A person contributes a sum of money to a takaful fund in the form of participative contribution (tabarru') and undertakes a contract to become one of the participants by agreeing to mutually help each other, should any of the participants suffer a defined loss.

Term Charges - Total interest charged on the hire-purchase facility and is calculated based on a flat rate on the amount financed over the duration of the facility.

Term Financing - A financing facility with regular periodic instalments, over a specified period of time.

Term Loan - A loan which is repaid through regular periodic payments, usually over a period of time, for example 10 years.

Time Weighted Rate of Return - A measure of compound rate of growth in a portfolio.

Title - A legal document establishing the rights of ownership on a property.

Trading Account - An account opened by dealers for every investor. The account indicates the amount invested and shows movements of investor's fund through buying and selling of commodities traded e.g. in foreign currency.







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