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Who pays for the legal fees and how much?

Generally, legal fees are borne by the buyer. However, certain developers and financial institutions may offer to pay the legal fees on the legal documentation as part of their marketing package.

In addition, some financial institutions also extend financing for the loan documentation fees.

Legal Fee

Effective from January 1, 1992 (Renewed in 2006), legal fees are standardized by the Solicitors’ Remuneration Order 1991/2006(renewed in 2006). There are two types of calculation for legal fees:

First Schedule (Sale and Transfer)
Lawyer fees are determined by value of the house in the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

House Value Buyer Seller
1st RM150,000.00 1% of House Value (Minimum RM300) 1% of House Value (Minimum RM300)
Next RM850,000 0.7% of House Value 0.7% of House Value
For the next RM 2,000,000 0.6% of House Value

0.6% of House Value

Fourth Schedule (Charges, Debentures and Security Loan Documents)
Lawyer fees are determined by the loan amount for the above documentation.

Loan Amount

Legal Fees to buyer

1st RM150,000.00 1% of the Loan Amount (Minimum RM300 per transaction)
Next RM850,000 0.7% of Loan Amount
For the next RM2milliom 0.6% of Loan Amount

** Fees subject to 5% government tax.

Stamp Duty

There are two types of Stamp Duties:

1) Stamp Duty on Loan Amount

Loan Amount (RM’000)
50 100 150 200 250 300

Stamp Duty (RM)

250 500 750 1000 1250 1500

2) Progressive Present Stamp Duty on Transfer of House Title

House Value

Stamp Duty Payable

1st RM100,000


Next RM400,000


Excess RM500,000



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