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Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad


Head Office Address
Menara Multi Purpose, Capital Square
No. 8, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 50100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: +603 2694 8800
Facsimile: +603 2694 6727
Call Center: 03 5516 9988


Last Reported BLR : 6.60% (Effective from 13 May 2011)

* Revised from 6.30% to 6.60% after OPR raised on 05/05/2011 (Read More Here)



Interest Payment Option

Interest Payment Option (IPO) features the combination of SaveLink HL and interest servicing (similar to the nature of OD) for the first 5 years from first disbursement or 3 months from the Letter of Offer date, whichever is earlier.

Completed Properties

Loan amount up to RM400,000:

Year SaveLink IPO (new)
(% p.a.)
(% p.a.)
1st to 2nd BLR - 1.80% BLR - 1.20%
3rd to 5th BLR - 1.80% BLR - 1.20%
Thereafter BLR - 1.80% BLR - 1.80%

Exclusive packages available for financing amount above RM400,000.

Additional terms to the above

  • Minimum residential property value/purchase price: RM100,000
  • Minimum loan tenure: 15 years (inclusive of Interest period). Maximum age at loan approval is 50 years.
  • Interest period/first year rate: 5 years from first disbursement or 3 months from LOF date whichever is earlier.
  • Repayment tenure: Based on loan tenure applied less interest period.
  • 'Without MRTA' pricing: Plus additional 0.05% p.a. on across all tiers.
  • OD facility: Max MOF 50% @ BLR + 0% p.a.
  • Lock-in Period/Penalty comprises two categories per the following schedule:
Packages Lock-in period
(from 1st disbursement)
Penalty % on
original loan
Min. loan amount
IPO Under Construction 5 years 3% 100,000
IPO Completed 3 years 3% 100,000
IPO Under Construction 5 years 3% 150,000
IPO Completed 5 years 3% 150,000

ey Benefits

  • Low initial payment of interest: only for the first 5 years from first disbursement or 3 months from Letter of Offer date, whichever is earlier

  • Flexibility of OD at the price of HL rates

  • Easier Certificate of Fitness (CF) commitment at lower HL rates for home upgrades.

For more information, please call 03-5516 9988, Alliance Bank branches nationwide. Check Here.

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