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HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad


Head Office Address
No. 2, Leboh Ampang
50912 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: +603 2070 0744
Facsimile: +603 2070 1146
Call Center: 1300 88 0181 or 603 2050 7676



Last Reported BLR : 6.60% (Effective Since 12 May 2011)

* Revised from 6.30% to 6.60% after OPR raised on 05/05/2011 (Read More Here)



HSBC Bank Homeloan

HomeSmart, the home loan that lets you rearrange your priorities anytime.

Choose to pay off your home loan in ½ the time* or withdraw the excess cash for important things that just can't wait.

  • Flexible features to let you rearrange life's priorities anytime.
    What you want today may not be what you want tomorrow. For example, you might decide that your main focus is paying off the home loan as quickly as possible. But if you have a baby on the way, you’ll naturally need funds to prepare for it. HomeSmart allows you to withdraw any excess payments you’ve already made. Then once your finances have stabilized, you can go back to making extra payments again.
  • Pay more to own your home in ½ the time*.
    Consolidate all your deposits, including salary, savings and even your bonus into one HomeSmart account. Every Ringgit you currently maintain in your HomeSmart account, will work harder for you, reducing the amount of interest charged and shortening your loan tenure. Since interest is calculated on a daily basis, the moment you deposit money into your HomeSmart account, the saving starts.
  • Withdraw the excess payments for other important things in life that just can't wait, without charges and notice.
    Your family should always come before anything else. Whether its music lessons for your child, a much needed holiday with your wife, or a bigger car for the baby, rest assured knowing that your excess payments are yours to use as you please.
    And you can easily access your money via ATM, cheque book or online@hsbc.
  • HomeSmart Step-up Repayment Plan*.
    Now you can own a home that matches your potential, not your salary. HomeSmart Step-Up lets you pay less now and more when you prosper.

    Lower initial payments lets you move into a grander, better home sooner. Installments start up to 20% lower than usual for the first year and gradually rise to match your projected income as you become more successful.

    For example, your current salary may not qualify you to take up a RM300,000 loan, with a monthly installment of RM1,988. But with Step-Up your installments starts at only RM1,591 (20% reduction) and works its way up in subsequent years.


For more information, call 1300 88 0181 or 603 2050 7676.
HSBC Bank have 59 branches in Malaysia. Check here for the branches location maps and contact no.

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