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Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad


Head Office Address
Level 16, Menara Standard Chartered
No. 30, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: +603 2117 7777
Facsimile: +603 2711 6006
Call Center: 1300 880 388



Last Reported BLR : 6.60% (Effective from 13 May 2011)

* Revised from 6.30% to 6.60% after OPR raised on 05/05/2011 (Read More Here)



Standard Chartered MortgageOne

With Standard Chartered MortgageOne, your savings, current, home loan and deposits are all rolled into one account. By doing so, any deposits made into this account goes into reducing your loan outstanding.

When the loan outstanding is lower, the interest paid on the loan is also lower. As each ringgit goes into repaying your loan rather than repaying interest, you can expect to trim off years on your mortgage period!

  Funds available for redraw for any purposes
  Easy repayment options
  Take a payment holiday
  Interest calculated on daily balances
Reduce interest charges

Call 1300 880 388 for more information.

Standard Chartered Bank have 37 branches in Malaysia. Click Here for the branches location maps and contact no.

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